Monday, December 22

You're Trying Too Hard

Looking at Pamela Anderson has been making me very sad recently (well, more than usual) because it's clear that she just has no idea what to do with herself. She's spent her entire life being a sex symbol and an object of desire, and not much else. Well, she's getting older, as people tend to do, and she's losing some of the vivacity and... elasticity of youth. She's fighting it, and losing.

She puts on too much makeup (she always did, but now she's doing it even more) and wearing highly inappropriate and unflattering clothes for a woman of her age with two children. Honestly, it has got to be fucking exhausting to try to beat your body into submission to fit into those outfits! Give it a rest and age with some grace, woman. But clearly, that's not on her agenda.

The thing that bothers me is that it really seems to stem from the fact that her entire identity is wrapped up in being sexy. Same with Carmen Electra, and a lot of women in Hollywood to a greater or lesser degree. Men too, but not as many. I mean, yeah, with age comes the loss of some looks, but is it worth it to fight this hard? Worth the time, energy, or the toll on your dignity? Sure, I can get covering the grays and using lotion to fight wrinkles. But at some point, you're gonna have to hang up the sparkle unitard before it cuts off the circulation in your vagina! She needs to find a fucking craft project or something, because the look she's rocking is doing no one good, least of all herself.

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  1. You are truly funny. I enjoy reading your quips.