Tuesday, December 16

Aw Now, It Didn't Even Nick Him

So current bad boy of the Middle East, Muntadar al-Zeidi, who tossed his hat (shoe) into the public arena by doing to Bush what so many have wanted to do before (throw things at him) has been arrested and apparently beaten in prison. The BBC (on a tip from al-Zeidi's brother) reported that he allegedly has a broken arm, some broken ribs, and internal bleeding. Someone from the Iraqi military claims this is lie-telling and he's fine.

In other news, people are willing to pay good money for the (in?)famous shoes. Some Saudi dude wants them for as much as $10 million. Aicha Gaddafi, daughter of a Libyan leader and apparently bigwig of some charity has said that her organization will award him a medal for his actions, which was a "victory for human rights."

Hell, I'd trade a couple broken bones for a medal and 10 million. All that AND he got to throw shoes at Dubya? Good deal!

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