Saturday, December 27

Whether You're feeding 10 or 1,000.

It’s amazing the one thing small towns have in common is their advertising. Every town has that commercial. You know the one that everyone quotes in daily speech or will sing the jingle once and then have 8 other people singing it for the rest of the day, in between curses on the originator of the infectious jingle. Well, in Iowa City, it’s the commercial for Iowa Book. My friends and I sing it on the way to class, while sitting on our asses, while drunkenly stumbling home on Thursday nights. You sing it a little higher than you should “Iowa Book/ the one of a kind book store.” That’s right, it gets a forward slash to indicate phrasing and lines breaks. It’s poetry people. Pure poetry. It is unfortunate that I cannot find a video of this masterpiece of advertising that forces its way into the heads of college students of fly-over country. I scoured the interwebs and it is nowhere to be found. If you can do some sleuthing and find it, let me know. I’m also technology retarded in this case and can’t figure out how to DVR it or something and then upload it myself. So I’m at a brick wall. But here's a picture that pretty much sums up Iowa City.

Anyway. While sitting on my ass in this boring town and watching my umpteenth hour of television, the wing stop commercial came on AGAIN. Here is that video.

Oh the gem that is poorly phrased advertising. Here, I have found Katy’s answer to Iowa City’s Iowa Book. I hate it so much I have to love it.

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