Thursday, December 18

Obsessive Much? Craigslist Missed Connections

Craigslist is, as we know, the place to buy shit for cheap - anything and everything. What you may not know is that it can also help you find people. You know that hot guy with glasses you see walking to class every day? Or that super cute chick with the tattoo on her wrist who works at a coffee shop? Yeah, now you can place an ad searching for them. Welcome to the beautiful world of Missed Connections.

A few favorites (Emphasis mine):
blue haired man... - w4m - 22
I saw you at Target, the 23rd, Saturday evening...I was the attractive caught my eyes for a long time and I know you liked it. If you're reading this, you'll remember - if you're not with anyone, send me an looked worth it.

Coralville Hy-Vee Gas Young Woman - 23
You are very beautiful. I think what you did with your hair a week or 2 ago looked great. I always choke when I want to talk to you about something other than the fact that I want my smokes. Maybe someday I'll grow the courage to ask you to some coffee, but somehow I doubt it. :-(

Bookstore - m4m - 24
You sucked me off I sucked you off then I blew in your mouth it was like late Nov. at like 5-6 in the morring! Loved that dick hit me up if you see this tell me something so I know it was you

lanky bike/musician boi w/skull cap at tobacco bowl - w4m - 24 (tobacco bowl)
Me-Pigtailed intellectual doing homework and sippin' my 'spresso and doing kegal excersizes underneath the table ;)

You-brut, slender but fit bike messenger type on a blue bike. You wear a skull cap above your ears and wrestling shoes and I have seen you play guitar at the mill. You make incredibly passionate faces admist your hyptnotic strumming which can only lead my mind to wonder what passion you'd have in bed.

For a moment our eyes met from across the smokey room. Could there be more to this?

Who says the world is cynical? These people have met their true loves and are doing everything possible to find them (or their dicks) again! I also looked under Missed Connections - Success Stories... but there were none. YET!

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