Monday, December 15

WTF Happened To...

Boner from Growing Pains?

Now, I watch a lot of great TV, and for a long time Growing Pains was a regular part of my after-school lineup. This was partly because Titanic had just come out and Leo was a member of the cast for a while - but that's beside the point. So I know what happened to Kirk Cameron (he became a crazy ass Christian) Carol Seaver (she was anorexic for a while because of all the fat jokes), and of course Leo (he's in some movies and shit) and I don't really care what happened to the rest of the main characters - but what about the show's unsung hero, Richard "Boner" Stabone?

Well, Boner (real name: Andrew Koenig) was in a couple movies no one heard of (IMDB it if you care) and then started doing what he was obviously destined to do: be hot (he claims to be a "comedian") on YouTube and Myspace, under the inexplicable name MonkeyGoLucky. ? Whatever. He did a couple vaguely amusing videos which I watched slack-jawed, but actually the coolest thing I found on his sites is that he's kind of an activist, which is always sexy. He even had this video of himself getting arrested in China for protesting their treatment of Burma. (I've had a soft spot in my heart for Burma for years because of The King and I.) Naturally I subscribed to his YouTube, and so should you.

Skip to :45 for evil demon monkey action.

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  1. You are welcome for the recommendation on Boner. Oh and by the way, in case anyone is wondering what Alan Thicke (Mr. Seaver) is up to, well I don't know. But I DO know that he spawned Robin Thicke, the semi-creepy white R&B artist that I sort of like, but maybe that's just because of his pube-stache.