Monday, December 15

Katie D. and Chatty Kathy fictionalized.

Joni & Susanna chronicles the relationship between a gay girl and a straight girl. So basically Katie D. and Chatty Kathy fictionalized. So this might be us, my blogging partner and I. I first read this on AfterEllen and wanted to share it here, because no matter how many times I drunkenly come on to Katie D., we both know it isn't going to happen. Which, as I always say, is unfortunate. The humor is very much like The Office which is just fabulous. The more times you watch, the more theWB will notice, the more likely we are to see more media with real lesbians on it. Get Excited.

Side Note: My Favorite Line:"When I'm drunk I don't see gender anymore. Making out is Did you know I'm a virgin?"

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