Tuesday, December 30

Another Palin

Bristol Palin and her fuckin' redneck Levi have finally welcomed the newest Palin into the world. His name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston (father's last name), which I personally think is a much better name than Zamboni.

To their credit, Palin's spokesbitches haven't said anything about the kid. Some relative said that the baby is healthy and Bristol is fine. I'm glad her mom isn't using this to get herself another few minutes of fame (yet). If I prayed, all my thoughts would be going towards this poor kid. His grandma is Sarah You Betcha Palin, and his poor parents were dragged into the spotlight right after they found out about the pregnancy - and obviously, since they're super-conservatives, this means that they had to declare their engagement and support of life and all that. His birth is a political statement, and that sucks. Bristol and Levi are still planning to get married, during the one month of light in Alaska. I kid, I kid. They're thinking summer wedding. Please, please let Sarah give a drunken toast!

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  1. http://www.somethingawful.com/d/feature-articles/levi-johnston-christmas.php

  2. I would love it if she ran again in 2012. God that would be amazing.