Tuesday, December 16

Hear That Noise?

It's the sound of millions of fangirls screaming the name "Edward." Why? Well, because the date for the release of "New Moon" has been set, of course! Next November 20th insane people everywhere will be swarming the theaters at 12:01 so they can all scream at a fictional character on a screen together. And not in a "Rocky Horror" kind of way. And yeah, this is coming from someone who liked the Twilight movie, but I'll be seeing New Moon at least a week after its release (the 12 year olds will be on their fourth or fifth viewing by that time, and much less prone to screaming) and I will be quietly evaluating it/checking if they got the new Jacob right. Mmhmm, I'm pretty much the only female in the world who wishes Bella had done the fucking smart thing and hooked up with the sexy werewolf kid rather than the overprotective vamp. They're not bringing back the same guy (Taylor Lautner) to play Jacob because he looks too young - which is true, but a shame because I liked him - and they'd better not fuck Jacob up or I'll be pissed.

Shit, I just found out that Taylor Lautner was the little (shark)boy in the movie that taught me to imagine, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl! (Yeah, I was 16 when I saw it, but it's never too late to reunite with the kid in you.) I dragged my boyfriend to see that (he said he wanted to) and loved every minute of that shit. He and his dad later mocked me. Fuck them, it was sweet.

Anyway. They're also getting rid of the director, Catherine Hardwicke. This is kind of a shame, because you almost never hear about female directors, but she didn't want to work with such a short schedule. (Plus that scene in the woods where the camera swirled around Edward and Bella made me a little pukey.) Instead they're bringing in the guy who did "The Golden Compass" (Chris Weitz) with Ice Face Kidman.

For those of you counting at home, Nov 20th is only 364 days after the release of this year's movie. I understand that the vampires aren't supposed to age or anything, but that's gonna be a tough schedule to keep. Especially since they still have to find a Jacob who is up to my (very high) standards. Good fucking luck, Weitz.

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