Monday, October 12

Bless God, and Bless the Gays

This kind of stuff makes me purr with pleasure a little bit internally. The above video is Lady Gaga (of WTF outfit and sexually ambiguous video fame) speechin' at a Gay People Rally in Washington D.C. Though Ms. Butterface Crazy Pants usually gets nothing but mockery from me, today I would like to golf clap in her direction. This is because, one, she actually gave a pretty good speech, two, I love seeing her stand up for the gays over and over again, and three, I LOVED her promise to stand up against misogyny and homophobia in the pop industry! Fucking finally! SOMEONE has to! No more rap videos with "vixens" writing in the background unless the rappers are just as hot, naked, and oiled up. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

This second video is of Cynthia Nixon, who was always my favorite of the Sex and the City crew (I think we all knew she was a little dyke-ish. I mean, come on, she wore suits with skinny ties) and who solidified her place in my heart today. She does an even better speech, which really gets to the core of the entire issue of gay marriage: it's not about whether or not gays can get married. It's about the fact that treating people as if they deserve less than others sends the message that they are WORTH less than others. Taking away rights dehumanizes people. It makes it ok to hate or hurt them, because they're not as good as you, anyway. If they were, they'd have the same rights as you do, wouldn't they? But they don't. And until we're all equal, our government is supporting the alienation and endangerment of a huge part of our population. This rally is fucking awesome. Bless the fucking gays. Watch the video.

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Sunday, October 11


Brace yourselves: Miley Cyrus has deleted her Twitter. Noooooo! What? Where the hell will I get my news now? I have to know the important decisions of her life. Chinese food or Indian? HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT TO ORDER IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT MILEY IS ORDERING?

She said her goodbyes and explanations in a rap on YouTube (below). While this is a vain way of announcing something like this, the fact is that Miley's every move is followed by the media to a ridiculous degree so she needed to say something or people would've froke the fuck out. I mean, even with the explanation - which, by the way, was really well-thought-out, and which I, as a Twitter hater (it is completely masturbatory. I don't give a fuck about your pithy life comments, sorry. Yes, I know I have one, but that's because I'm a whore for readership on the blog), completely agree with - people are still making a huge deal about it. Apparently even her DAD is asking her to bring it back (but we all know he cares only about her well-being and didn't just like the constant publicity her Tweets brought in). Anyway, I may be the only one, but I APPLAUD YOU MILEY. I applaud any celebrity whose stance on their own fame is "Why the fuck do you guys care about everything that I do? Stop it."

Oh and by the way, since this is my first post on Milers and I'm using it as an excuse, below is the video for "Fly on the Wall." Why should you care? You shouldn't, the song is mediocre and the video is no work of genius. BUT the guy in the beginning and end scenes is Jarron Vosburg, who was one of my friends in my neighborhood when I was growing up. He's doing the Hollywood thing, and I wish him well and I get excited when I see stuff that he's doing. And being in a music video of the biggest teen pop star of the moment? That's a pretty big deal. Congrats Jarron!

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Thursday, October 8

Headline Reads: Obamas are Black. Nation STILL in Shock.

So, in case you didn't know the Obamas are black. *GASP* But what I find most frustrating is this New York Times article that traces Michelle Obama's roots back to her great-great-great grandmother. The inane headline reads: In First Lady's Roots, A Complex Path From Slavery.

I'm sorry, what? Does that even mean anything? I'm not sure. This article read like swine flu in America. It didn't become important until something that our media considers more important than anyone else becomes the subject of old news. People die from the flu all. The. Time. People have slave owning ancestors all. The. Time. People have ancestors who were slaves all. The. Time. It just doesn't begin to matter until people die from the flu in America, instead of Croatia. Or someone of prominence has a sordid slave ancestry.

The story goes like this: Michelle's great-great-great grandmother was a young slave girl who's owner, at the age of 15, impregnated her. That is most definitely scandalous. But it's not the first time. Then, at the end of the article, they turned to their readership asking them to "help fill in the Obama Family tree!" and encouraging people to send in their pictures if they think they are connected to the interactive family tree on the NYT website. I'd really like to be the intern who has to sort through all that mail. And let's be real here. It's ridiculous how much the NYT likes their interactive media. But besides that, way to appeal to the people's pathos. the need to be a part of something bigger than themselves, when what we are made of is already huge. The facets of American society that people don't even realize they touch is uncanny. Ok. Enough American Studies major talk for you.
And now the NYT is running a follow up article with the headline: One Family's Roots, A Nation's History.


I'm sorry, what? Does that even mean anything? This article is a compilation of perspectives on the issue. They have everyone from a cultural analyst to a Harvard professor (Who you can always trust, the little lambs) to a real live author.

So, I guess my point is this: Does this even matter? Where is the conundrum of race here? Isn't race already a conundrum because a) it in no way reflects one's ability and b) American society has somehow made it a defining factor of a person's identity. What makes this family any different when the whole point of America's First Family is to present an image of an every-day family. All American. Wholesome. Just like you. Why is this issue still a stigma? I'm over it.

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Wednesday, October 7

Fuck Roman Polanski

As far as I'm concerned, the answer to this whole controversy couldn't be simpler. He committed a crime - the rape of a thirteen year old girl. He ran from that crime, and lived for like 3 decades as a free man (continuing in his chosen profession and even winning some fucking Oscars, by the way). Now, he should go to fucking prison. The end.

I honestly don't get what Hollywood is trying to play at with this whole "Free Roman Polanski" thing. I mean, did they hear what he did? The victim's statement from 1977 has been released, and that shit is disturbing! He convinced her that he was taking her picture for French Vogue, and so got her to take off her shirt, then all of her clothes. He gave her glass after glass of champagne. He gave her a Quaalude, which made her even more susceptible to him. He ignored her when she told him to stop, to go away, to take her home. Then he went down on her (which, in a sad, almost-funny-until-you-realize-that-it-is-tragic turn, she called "cuddliness," meaning "cunnilingus" because she was fucking THIRTEEN and did not know what the real term was), then raped her vaginally, and, upon finding out that she was not on birth control, sodomized her.

She was raped - yes, Whoopi Goldberg, RAPE raped - and the man who raped her went free. It's not just a "she wanted it but was a little too young" thing, because 1. She is way more than a little too young, and 2. SHE SAID NO. If someone says no, the other person stops, OR IT IS RAPE. Who the fuck thinks that he should not serve time for this shit? This is not hard. He belongs in jail. Done.

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Tuesday, October 6

I Find Ray Mabus Strangely Attractive

For those of us who don't know things about high ranking government officials (me included), Ray Mabus is the Secretary of the Navy. Of the U.S. He is also in charge of the Marines and he used to be the Governor of Mississippi, and he was on Jon Stewart yesterday and he was all charming and kind of talked like Clinton, who is one of J Bear's older crushes. And he is HOT. Here he is on The Daily Show:

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Ray Mabus
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Pretty fucking charming, right? I like his attitude of like "Oh, the Navy and the Marines will do whatever they're ordered to do. And we'll get it fucking done. Hoo Rah." I think I may gravitate towards him because I like smart men and I don't mind a bit of a drawl. Because I know you're fascinated, here are some other older guys I think are hot but, you know, am weirded out by that fact:

Keith Olbermann

He's a crazy liberal. A little more crazy than I, but much better read. Plus he can do a rant or a speech like the best of 'em, like this one on Proposition 8 (may it be despised forever).

I teared up the first time I saw it, then watched it a dozen more times like the obsessive person I am. Next:

Bill Maher

God, he looks so Jewish. Maybe that's the attraction. He's an even crazier liberal. This guy is so liberal that he hates all packaged food and thinks the things you get in the grocery store are just as bad as McDonalds, plus he's an incredibly vocal Athiest. You gotta love that, right? New Rules below.

Jon Stewart

Oh now this one's too easy but come on, give me a break. Who DOESN'T love him? This is where I get my damn news most of the time. (Hey, Keith is an hour long, I don't have that kind of time. I have old Scrubs episodes to watch. And we don't get HBO.) Here's another clip of him talking about how the fucking Democrats in Congress can't get their shit together and make things happen and are flailing on environmental cleanup, and mocking John Kerry a little bit (NOT HOT):
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Carbon Copout
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Then there's the Silver Fox, A Coop, who sadly (for me, but happy for him) is pretty much a big ol' gay. What's with me and the news casters of sorts? Plus there are the typical choices - Denzel, George, both of the Mc-eamy's. What's the obsession? I dunno, but I'm sure this list will be a comfort to whoever I end up marrying because he won't have to worry about going gray. Just losing his hair.

Glee post coming soon, I promise. Love stories take time.

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