Monday, December 15

I...I...I Just can't.

This speaks for itself. At least for me, a girl who thinks shoes are just fabulous.

Katie D., please take over this one...

Can do Kathy.
Hilarious. My favorite things about this:
1. Not in this clip, but in an article about the incident I got off, was this gem: "Hurling shoes at someone... is considered an insult among Muslims." Really? Because in Unitarian circles, that's our way of showing affection. I love learning about the little quirks of other cultures!
2. Bush's quip on the shoe size. It's very important that we know it's a size 10 shoe. Is there a penis joke hidden there somewhere?
3. How fucking long did it take for Bush's security team to get this bitch down? Honestly, he not only launched one, but BOTH of his shoes at the most powerful(ish) man in the world - and nobody got to him for a good three or four seconds. The first guys to try to stop him weren't even Secret Service, they were other journalists. And Bush was standing up there without a guard for even longer than it took to take the dude down. What? How does that happen? I mean, I'm no Bush fan, but I'd like to have a little more confidence that they've got his bases covered, security-wise. This does not help that image!

This dude's career is done. The journalist, I mean, though I know how that could be confusing. But at least he offered us a little comic relief - and maybe some vindication? I mean, Bush ducked the shoe. Reflexes like a cat, that man. He plans to dodge all blame for the global recession and the fucked up war in the same manner.

Side Note From Chatty Kathy: being from the South, in fact, the same great state as President DumbFuck(I knew there was a reason I left...), I too am intrigued by the diversity of cultures the world has to offer. So, if I were in DumbFuck's shoes, or those being thrown at him, I think my face would look the same. And this isn't the only note on which I can relate to this other Texan. I cringe when people poke fun at his slight mispronunciation of the word "nuclear," as it is only a dialectic thing. Because I say "nucular" as well. Clearly the correct way to pronounce the word.

Response to Chatty Kathy's Side Note: Nucular? Really? I'm from the South as well, you know. That's no excuse! My town enriched the uranium for the atom bomb; it's a particular sensitivity of mine that he can't pronounce that word. Clearly the correct way to pronounce the word is nuclear - like how it's spelled! Should we rumble?

Acceptance of Katie D's rumble invitation: Belts or Knives?

Counteroffer to acceptance: Slap fight?

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  1. Maybe the secret service is as sick of him as we are.