Monday, December 22

Obsessive Much? Womanizer

So, Katie D. fucking loves the song "Womanizer" (WOOMANIZAH). Every time I get in the car, I pray that it will come on the radio. Every time I'm down, I sing the chorus softly while holding myself and everything is suddenly better. I've watched videos of her live performances of it, which are all exactly the same, but that doesn't stop me from watching them all the way through. I was that girl who talked about how AMAZING Britney looked naked in the video.

This said, I obviously love any take on the song that makes it something new (except this Lily Allen version, which was the less-electrical-sound-effects version, aka the less-what-makes-the-song-good version) - like the Joel McHale one on The Soup. God he's great. Anyway, just in time for Christmas, here's the Ebeneezer Scrouge version. Oh, do enjoy, good friends.

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