Wednesday, December 17

Ellen, grrrl, watchu doin?

Ellen looks thin. Perez Hilton can suck it, I can’t find this picture without his defamation. But really. She should be fed. I thought Ellen was proving that you can be you and still be on the cover of magazines. Is she really feeling the pressure to be thin, since she’s started being the new Spokeswoman for Covergirl?

I hope she’s ok. She is an older woman. But with a hot wife like Portia, I’m sure she’s kept young. Ellen, please be ok.

Let’s indulge.
From the W Magazine interview:
"I also feel myself more of a person than a gender. When people show me clothing that seems very, very feminine, it's hard for me to embrace that, because it just doesn't feel like me. ... It was fun [for the W cover shoot] having somebody do that to my hair, and do that makeup. But would I want to do that every single day? No."

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