Monday, December 15

DanRad: Triple Threat

Actor. Singer. Lover. (of horses)
Could I be more in love with Daniel Radcliffe? No, and here's porque:
1. He's British
2. He's Harry Potter
3. This video.
So there's something called the "Gypsy of the Year Competition" that Broadway Cares puts on, and I don't know what it is but I do know that I love it. DanRad wrote/sang/danced to this lovely tune with some cast members from Equus (that horse play where he gets naked on stage), which is called "The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Neigh." If you don't know where this is going, don't worry, because it's not subtle. Daniel is the glowing fairy in the middle. And while Dan and his horsie friend are great, I do love watching the hot slinky stuff happening behind them!

And here's some more of DanRad being cheeky and British. This also shows that Dan is not quite the pocket person he appears to be, because the other guys on stage are wearing what looks to be some sort of wire hanger-platform shoe contraption. Which is comforting, I guess.

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  1. I'm sad you didn't post a picture of DanRad in the nude...