Monday, December 15

Obsessive Much? Twilight and R Pattz

Ugh. Be sexier, Robert, honestly. The Hotness and the Glory that is Daniel Radcliffe made me think of my other one and only from across the Atlantic, namely Robert Pattinson. No, this isn't creative, but I never claimed it was. I can only say that my adoration for R Pattz stems from much too much wasted time looking up his interviews on YouTube and many too many hours of watching Twilight on my computer. And yes, I do actually like the movie - in my opinion it's much better than the book, because 1. It gets to the fucking point and doesn't mull over every insignificant detail and 2. I don't hate Bella in the movie. In the book she's a whiney bitch. In the movie she's kinda BA. R Pattz and Kristen Bell seemed like they were trying to make the best movie they could, and I thought it was acted it well. So that's my piece on it. Oh and by the way, I'm not even Team Edward - I was in love (do not judge) with Jacob from the second book til the very end. Maybe because Bella's obsessive love of Edward annoyed me? But Robert won me over, and it's to his credit.

But anyway. Robert is super charming because he is of course British, and so I'm giving you the gift of pictures of him. Oh, and a clip of him and Ellen chatting, because if there's anyone I love more than R Pattz it's Ellen DefuckingGeneres.

Although granted I would like it better if he washed his hair. And holy crap this is serendipity: I'm watching TV and for the first time in weeks I accidentally watched a commercial (thanks Tivo). Well, it happened to be that crappy Hillary Duff commercial for her perfume (who buys that shit?) and it has EMMET from Twilight in it! Mute the clip so your ears don't file a suit against you for reckless endangerment or something and enjoy.

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