Best of the Best

So if you're new here, you can get acquainted. Don't be shy now, ya'll. Stay a while. We've just brewed some sweet tea.

Chatty Kathy:

5/26/2010: Glee & GaGa: So Happy I Could Die
3/29/2010: Change, While Never Easy, Is Always Possible
1/12/2010: But it Does...
12/15/2008: Michael Cera is Actually a Lesbian
12/14/2008: Our Economy Hinges on Oprah's Weight-loss

Katie Dee:

7/21/2010: MASCULINE MONDAY: Neil Patrick Harris
5/29/2010: I Have Ridiculously High Self Esteem
3/14/2010: On Body Image
1/4/2010: Glee Rant
12/7/2009: The Christian Side-Hug is of The Devil

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