Tuesday, December 16


Ok, I'm a bit of a vampire-phile, and obviously that means that I worship Buffy the Vampire Slayer with all my heart and soul. Sadly, the show was killed a few years ago, so I can only meet my fix by borrowing my friend's copies of the seasons and watching them on repeat for hours when I should be having a life. Well, since a Scooby Doo movie isn't coming out anytime soon, Sarah Michelle Geller had to find something to do, so she decided to go on an episode of SVU.

Just kidding, it's her spread for Maxim! So what's up with the fact that she looks like a rape victim who was hit by a chandelier? I'm assuming we're supposed to think she's sexy, because she's not got many clothes on and she's wearing heels and stockings. But she also looks like the victim of a crime. So does crime against women = sexy to Maxim?

Ugh, that's depressing. To lighten you're spirits, here's SMG, as Buffy, with Spike (aka the original hot British vampire).

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