Monday, December 15

Just So We're Covering All The Bases...

I despise Twilight. I’ve only read the first one and haven’t seen the movie. But, it is my strict belief that if the book can’t win me over, there is no way the movie will. But that could just be my literary snobbery coming through. However, I know a good thing when I see it and in this case that good thing is Kristen Stewart. Remember her in Panic Room with my girl Jodi?

Here’s some cool news about K Stew. She has been cast to play the most rocking of rocker chicks Joan Jett in “The Runaways,” the biopic of the all-girl rock-n-roll band of the 1970’s. Do you think this:
can rock hard enough to play this:
The Runaways will start filming sometime in 2009, depending on K Stew’s schedule with the next two Twilight movies (yes, there will be more… save us.) And she will be starring in K-11 as a man. Yep. A man. With her on screen (in drag) will be none other than Twilight’s Rosalie (Nikki Reed). The movie takes place in the sector of the Los Angeles County Jail that houses gay inmates, with K-11 being the official classification. Now, with all the Lockup: RAW I watch on MSNBC when I can’t sleep at night, I can only imagine what this movie is going to be like. I’m not much of a movie person and don’t go out of my way to find them, but I think I will be keeping tabs on this one because if there are three things I can’t resist it’s anything to do with prison, drugs, and gays. I know that doesn’t present a pleasant connotation for the latter, but I’m a gay, so I can make the jokes around here.

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