Monday, May 25

Obsessive Much? Andy Samberg

Ok, who's surprised that Katie D. loves Andy Samberg? He's funny, he knows and works with Justin Timberlake, he was adorable on Ellen, and he's JEWISH. COME ON. He's also all jaw-liney and wears glasses and has that great Jew hair... swoon. Shockingly, he's not like 22 as he appears. He's really 30. Weird, I know. I never thought he's be older than Justin (who is 8 years older than me (28), which I realized when I was 8 and he was 16 and I decided that it was an ok age difference and we could still get married when I got older. Yeah, I plotted then too) but you learn new things every day. For instance, a little while ago, on Mother's Day, I realized that he and Justin did a sequel to their hit song and loving ballad "Dick in a Box" which is called "Mother Lover." (Below.) Then today, I learned that he will be starring in the film adaptation of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which is a FUCKING PHENOMENAL children's book that I take to camp with me and read to small children during down time. Classic weather-borne food debacle. Anyway, he's fantastic, if you don't love him you should, watch the clip and enjoy Susan Sarandon. Also, Justin should give up already and just join SNL, he's on there all the fucking time. Omeletteville, anyone?

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Tuesday, May 19

Kevin Bacon Wasn't Quite as Pretty

Well this one came out of left field. The powers of the production world have been searching for someone to play the lead in the remake of Footloose, the classic tale of a young man who goes to a town where he is not allowed to boogie down but who won't take no for an answer. Kevin Bacon played the lead, Ren McCormack, 25 years ago, and since they announced the remake everyone (i.e. Hollywood bitches) has been abuzz with speculation on who would take over the part. Zefron refused the role, much to my sadness because of course he is very talented and, you know, pretty. He said, basically, that he didn't want to do another musical right now. But they've found someone who, if possible, is even MORE beautiful to take the part. After weeks of negotiations, Chace Crawford, of Gossip Girl (what a blah show) fame is signed on to rock the famous role. I'm not sure if he can even dance, but he will undoubtedly bring lots of ladies to the theaters. Personally, I think he seems like one of those so-beautiful-he-gets-away-with-being-a-bit-slow guys, but maybe his acting skills will improve with the new character. I mean, in GG he basically plays a hot guy who is kind of quietly charming and doesn't do that much thinking but does do a lot of women. Which I'd imagine is kind of what he is like in real life. I'm not expecting all that much, but I'm always open to being pleasantly surprised. And it's kind of like going to see a Hugh Jackman movie, isn't it? I mean, I've heard Wolverine sucks, but if I'm watching Hugh run around half naked, who the fuck cares how the movie is? Let's just cross our fingers that there are a lot of sex scenes! Beauty below.

Oh, also in talks to be in the movie: Pocket Person Hayden Panetierre, who I liked best in Remember the Titans when she was like 5, and Amanda Bynes, who was actually really good in Hairspray. My pick is Amanda. Thoughts?

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