Friday, December 19

Returning the favor...

To whom? Who is Obama returning the favor to by inviting the Evangelical right-wing pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Church (does this conjure images of leather and gay men for anyone else…?) to administer the invocation at his inauguration? The same man who compared gay marriage to pedophilia and incest? Umm… ok. Those are totally the same. You win. Or, The millions of Americans who turned out to vote for a President standing for change in the extremely important election this year? Who deserves a return of favor more? WHO??? Oh yeah, that pastor who invited you to speak at his church. Once. A few years ago. Clearly that makes sense. Who needs to return the favor to Americans? Clearly not our president-elect. Some claim this as an attempt at being "inclusive." Is it really? Or does it just alienate everyone who voted? Obama, are you stupid? Or high? Please… at least be high. That’s legitimate.

Last night, while watching the gayest episode of the Rachel Maddow Show to date, a small fact that I try so hard to forget was brought back to my attention. Besides the obvious being Obama’s skin color, the small issue that Obama is anti-gay marriage. Yet FOR equality for gays and lesbians. Wait. What? Those aren’t the same? Or at least related? This video from big gay homo bear icon Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN covers all the bases.

It also brings to my attention that if the gays are not the same as everyone else and are actually less than a person here in America, why do you care so much what we think!?!?!? Oh right, because you can’t tell the difference between gay money and straight money, it’s money all the same. People also seem to watch what they say when addressing the issue of gay equality, probably because they don’t want to piss off the gays. Because if you piss off a gay, we aren’t afraid to call you out on the fact that you are denying an American citizen American rights. I would like some state, but hold the church please. Thanks.

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