Wednesday, November 18

You Know We're in a Recession When...

You know we're in a recession when Megan Mullally, ahem, Karen Walker, is singing and dancing in the aisles of a grocery store selling butter, ahem, not butter. Not only can Karen not afford her Prozac, her Vicodin, or her dirty martinis any longer, she can't even afford to buy butter. She has to settle for the cheap shit, that spreads too easily and that the bread soaks up too well for it to be anything but not-butter.

What is even more interesting about this is that these videos are choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Yeah. The choreographer on SYTYCD, which officially has the strangest looking acronym on the planet, who could possibly be a meth addict he's so hyper all the time and let's not even mention the beard... The 30 second TV spots lead up to a full scale music video choreographed by DiOrio, starring Karen, to be debuted on the SYTYCD Finale. I'm sorry what? CAN NO ONE GET A JOB ANYMORE?!?! Tyce is choreographing meh-inducing performances on SYTYCD (i'm sorry, I'm assuming you know what that is: So You Think You Can Dance) and bad not-butter commercials. If Karen Walker is reduced to working, you know we have a problem. I just wonder what kind of intro Cat Deeley will come up with to introduce this work of art.

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