Wednesday, April 29

Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

So, as you may know by now, I don't have many soft spots. My one weakness is triumph over adversity. So, every freaking Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I cry.

Well. This soppy romantic little gem of goodness caused me to tear up. In the library. While analyzing Modernism and the role of the Harlem Renaissance within that movement. Obviously, I needed a break.

I only hope someone loves me as fearlessly as these two clearly love each other. Bare with it for the first minute, the wind lightens up.

Let's face it. Only two lesbians could pull off something that cute and thoughtful and meaningful in 10 minutes and have it not be cheesy. That proposal was NOT cheesy! If it was some dude, people (and by people I mean "I") would shrug it off as gross and silly. But this just melts my heart.

It's public. It's fearless. It's what needs to happen in the gay community. My favorite part is the acceptance. The proposee gets on her knees and they hug and she accepts her ring from the proposer already on her bended knee in old fashioned hetero proposal style. I love that a traditional image was flipped on it's head and they created their own. And the hugging, my GOD the hugging. Quality right there.


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  1. Oh I love it! Thank you so much for posting this and for letting me know!

    Jaime :-D
    (a.k.a. wojo4hitz)

  2. Ok, that was extra cute, but I completely disagree that it wouldn't have been as precious with a man and a woman. OR a man and a man! The singing, the trees, the friends being involved? Anyone who plans that for their beloved deserves respect - lesbians do not have the market cornered on cute!

  3. Aren't we supposed to promote equality? Equality meaning that no one is better than anyone... EVEN LESBIANS? Christ, you're like a racist black person!

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