Saturday, April 4

Iowa is for lovers... No Really. It is.

So my first post on this was erratic with typos and paragraph breaks where one should never put a paragraph break. I apologize. I just had to put the news on the interwebs. I'm still a little shocked that there isn't as much news coverage as California got, but maybe that's because our Iowa gays like to fly a little low. We don't have a West Hollywood, if you know what I mean.

But the rally was amazing. It was long. It was chilly. But it didn't really matter. Iowa was a little gayer on Friday than I've ever seen it.

There were books to sign to support the supreme court, and some of the speakers said that they wanted to make them part of Iowa's permanent historical records and on dispaly in Des Moines. I signed it, as did all of my friends. And I can't wait to come back with my family in 10 years and see my signature.

My roommate and I were standing there and we just looked at eachother and couldn't beleive it. She said somehting I hadn't even thought about. History books. There were cameras everywhere, taking pictures all over the place. These are going to be in American history books. So, when juniors in highschool suffer through APUSH, we might be in those photos.

I was just thinking on a much personal level. After every semester, I print off photos I pool from friends and my own and put them in really nice photo albums. All I could think about was how I couldn't wait to put those in there.

So, here they are. Because the spectacle speaks more for itself than anything I could come up with. I know that I claim I'm a writer, but this is one thing that leaves me wordless.

Click to make them bigger... they're prettier that way.

This is also Mauro Heck's Flickr feed of the event. Friends and I are also all over this...

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