Tuesday, April 14

R Pattz Hair Update

It's been short, it's been long, now it's moppish. This is for his new movie, How To Be, in which I believe his character is the anti-Edward Cullen. He actually filmed it before the phenomenon that is Twilight in jolly old England but it's just getting out now. Trailers:

But enough about that, let's talk about the hair: I'm not big on it. It doesn't do much for me. It does kind of remind me of Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World, but dirtier and less, you know, attractive. It looks like there are mats in it, and perhaps a family of birds or small squirrels. He reminds me of this kid at camp who had a similar mop-top, but blond, and who was in all advanced classes at school but in person was just not quite there, especially in the movie poster. Actually, he looks like someone who Kristen Stewart would really like to date. (Because she likes weed, get it?)

All of the above being said, however, I would still hit it with no questions asked for one reason and one reason only: British. Accent.

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