Tuesday, April 14

Ew. Ew Ew Ew Ew.

I hate stories like this. It is bad enough to order food from strangers who get minimum wage and clearly don't give a fuck and who you can't see making your food - it is WORSE when you have proof that some of them definitely do NOT RIGHT things with said food. I love gays, but not these gays. The videos really speak for their barfy selves, and if you can get through them all then you have an iron stomach. They worked at a Domino's Pizza in, I believe, North Carolina (this does not say good things for the South either, but please don't judge us by this. We are not all hicks). Yes, I said "worked" - they've been fired like MAJOR. Bad gays, bad! Grossness below. If you want to see more, link here, complete with letters from Domino's HQ talking about how they think this is nasty, too.

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