Thursday, April 16

Since when did censorhsip actually happen?

Twitter censored me. I got this reply today:
I think that's actually a friend's reply to my post, where I originally used the word "cunt." (harmless... obviously.) Then, her reply got censored? Even though I think she censored it herself. I'm not even sure. I just don't like the fact that I got censored! I mean. I understand that by putting it on the internet, I am allowing myself to be monitored and followed, so I'm not surprised someone found my use of the word "cunt." But to actually censor it shocks me and makes me uncomfortable.

This was the Tweet that was censored:My "c-word issues" are the fact that I don't have enough money to by more Coffee and I had a run-in with a crazy lesbian who had a vagina tattooed on her back and through a thoroughly hilarious conversation about my bad date, dubbed her form of artistic expression as "Cunt Calligraphy." THAT'S FUNNY. Not vulgar. Please.

This is my Tweet where the word is actually used:So the censorship bot didn't even do it's job correctly. It censored the WRONG FUCKING TWEET. This is what reviewing all of these screen shots has established for me.

And have a mentioned the SPAM on twitter? I tweeted about Keurig K-cups and coffee once and was subsequently followed by a bunch of random Asians. I guess that makes sense, since we all know digital spam comes from Asia.

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  1. i actually think your friend censored it, and then added that her family is following her now. i could be wrong, though.