Monday, April 20

New Show To Watch: Tough Love

My time, as has been well established, is often wasted - and what better way to waste time than to discover new AMAZING TV to watch and then to tell you good people about it? No better way, I say. And so I bring you VH1's newest crack-baby of a production: Tough Love.

It's hosted by Steve, who is kind of an asshole and who I kind of want to date, and who, along with his mother, is apparently a matchmaker. Think Fiddler on the Roof. Anyway, so they picked these 8 women who are pathetic and fucked up and put them in a house together, vowing to teach them how to have healthy relationships and place them with good matches. Like Tool Academy, all these people are a little bit insane, but the women have many different varieties of crazy to delight us with - Arian doesn't know how to put on the breaks on her sexuality and not come across as a whore, Abiola (whose name makes me think of nipples EVERY TIME) wears a big piece of bling on her ring-finger because she "married herself," Taylor is a gold digger because at one point she was homeless with a baby she had to give up, and Jaquelyn (my personal favorite) at age 22 has already designed her wedding dress and wants to be tied down by 25. WOW, right? I know what you're thinking: how could this be better? Well they of course have to do challenges to teach them lessons, which include them going on lots of dates and doing all sorts of semi-embarrassing tasks. Also, Steve doesn't exactly mince words, and this causes the girls to tantrum quite a bit. Shouting, tears, hugging, love - I can't even go on. Sundays at 10 Eastern. Watch it. Love it.

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