Sunday, April 12

I Hope She Pops on Halloween

Hear ye, hear ye Buffy fans, a Prince or Princess shall soon be born unto us all - Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregs with Freddie Prinze Jr.'s babeh. They've been married 6 years - kind of a Hollywood miracle - and this is their first child. (Side note: whenever I think of this couple getting together, I think of the movie Cruel Intentions, which they were not both in, and I just realized that I probably think of that because Ryan Phillipe was in Cruel Intentions with SMG but they was also in I Know What You Did Last Summer, which SMG and FPJ were both in, and so I'm mixing up Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe who met on the set of Cruel Intentions and swapping that with SMG and FPJ being in IKWYDLS which is presumably where they met and fell in love... there's a glimpse into my cobwebbed attic of a mind for you.)

So in addition to still being happy, they are both still - and have been since they got together - one of Hollywood's more adorable couples. This is in part due to the fact that they're both just gorgeous people, but mainly it's because they keep their shit private and just go about their lives without trying to constantly be in the spotlight or anything - at least, outside of their professional lives. Now if they want to counteract this, I have a few baby-name suggestions that should put them on the map: Xander, Spike, Angel, or Josswhedon if it's a boy, and Buffy, Drusilla, Willow, or Anyanka if it's a girl. If you got those references I commend you.

She's due in the fall, and my thoughts are thus: an October 31 baby for the vampire slayer? Not to mention two of the stars of the (fabulous) live-action Scooby Doo movies? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?

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  1. I am SO excited about this. Seriously they are going to have the most beautiful child everrrrr!

  2. Freddie and Sarah Michelle are such a cute couple... congrats to them on their new arrival