Thursday, April 2

Holy Abs Emmet/ Leave Robert Alooooone

Kellan Lutz, better known as Emmet from Twilight, was apparently tired of being the overlooked guy on the set. Hey, he's a vampire too, and he's supposed to be the big bulky sexy one - so what's the deal with Edward and Jacob getting all the attention? Is he not, he asks, just as hot as them? Um, yeah, apparently he is. These are some just glorious pictures of him from a photo shoot with Flaunt magazine, to which I apparently need a subscription. I now have a new background for my laptop and a new appreciation of headgear.

In other Twilight news, the bitches at LifeStyle magazine are claiming that R Pattz is being a jealous little bugger because Taylor Lautner is getting all the attention in the new movie. They say his star is dwindling and he's ever-so-concerned, and also he's jealous because his sweetheart Kristen Stewart is hanging more with Taylor than with him.

Not to question the undeniably astute minds behind LifeStyle, but do these bitches think? 1. Why would Robert suddenly be surprised about Taylor having the lead role? Dude has read the books, and Edward is pretty much gone for the whole thing. It would be a non-issue, especially because 2. They are pretty much GUARANTEED to make the next 2 movies, both of which star Edward more than Jacob (to my everlasting chagrin). So I'm doubting that Robert is worrying his pretty little head over anything. Oh, and by the way, 3. Kristen Stewart has a boyfriend, and it is neither Taylor nor Robert but some lucky dude named Michael. And I'm doubting that either Taylor or Robert, who has been linked to several pretty girls on his own, has any trouble getting women.

The only thing Robert might have the sads about is that there have been rumors going around that he hates showering and always smells like ass on the set - which again doesn't make any sense, because he hasn't even started filming yet. So yeah, he is upset about that, and he's one of those sensitive artsy types who is super insecure anyway, but come on - let's not make drama where there is none. I know this is a blog where we talk about celebrity dirt a lot of the time, but let's treat them like people, shall we? I mean, everybody talks about people behind their backs, whether it's friends or celebrities, but to just make up shit about them is uncalled for. And if it bugs me, someone with no tangible ties to these people (other than the love in my heart), imagine how it must suck for them. Yeah, some of them wanted to be famous, but for a lot of these kids, they just wanted to do cool movies and see themselves onscreen - not have their private lives splattered throughout the tabloids. They're not even in their mid-20s, for Chrissakes - Taylor and Kristen are younger than me, and I'm practically an infant. I'm with Chris Crocker on this one.

Anyway, I'm off my soap box. Enjoy some more Kellan Lutz pictures! Click to enlarge... you know you wanna!

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