Wednesday, April 8

Obi Kenobi Uses His Light-Up Sword To Block The Pokey-Ball/ Remember to Ret Er Into Or Heart *UH UH*

If stealing children weren't a felony, these would be the two I'd be after. Don't report me. Anyway, I don't know how old this first video is, but my mother (yes, that's how cool I am) told me about it and I thought it was fucking hilarious so I'm sharing it with you good people. It's a little girl explaining Star Wars (A New Hope) and it's pretty right on. She covers the main characters, including Obi Kenobi, the guys who put the robots into a garage sale, and the "Signy Guy" who is friends with R2, as well as the important plot points. The next video is of a little boy singing Hey Jude. He skips all those excess verses and repetitive choruses and gets to the real heart of the song, condensing it to about a minute and a half, all while holding (playing, if you use the term loosely) a guitar and wearing a diaper. Both these kids are around 2 or 3. And hey, they're capable of more than I was at that age. When I was 3 I took 15 minutes to put on Velcro shoes.

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