Friday, April 3

Hell Yeah Iowa

Well who's proud to be in Iowa now? That would be me. After Tennessee disappointed me a while back by voting to make gay marriage unconstitutional (hey, you know, they'll get there. 1 in 4 people voted to not make it unconstitutional - and for TN, that's a fucking lot. Just give it time) I was a tidge ashamed, but I'm liking the place I'm living now!

Not only did the Supreme Court make gay marriage constitutional, but the ruling was unanimous. UNANIMOUS. And that's cause they went about it the smart way: by leaving religion at the door. This is a decision about CIVIL marriage, and according to Iowa justices, there is no constitutional reason to limit civil marriages to hetero couples (Um, duh, but yay anyway). They granted that it was up to each church to decide whether or not they would allow gays to participate in religious marriage ceremonies, which is, you know, the way shit is supposed to be - with the church and the state not interfering with the other's business!

And just to press the point, they were granted full rights to civil MARRIAGE. Not a civil union; gays are allowed to be married, not united. Language matters, people. There's something symbolic about saying that you are allowed to be "married" rather than just allowed to sign some papers. Good fucking job Iowa.

Oh, and on the celebrity side (because I have to): Ashton Kutcher (Iowa native) tweeted about the decision this morning. He said: "Ia was the 1st state 2 allow inter-racial marriages. Lets hope gay marraige(sic) sticks aswell(sic) & we don't over ride w/ a state const. ammendment(sic)." Soon after this, he responded to a friend who asked, "What makes you so passionate about this?" by saying "I have many gay friends and think the deserve equal rights." So good fucking job Ashton as well, I guess. Rally tonight to celebrate; where's my "Love is Love" rainbow-colored t-shirt??

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