Tuesday, April 14

Zac Efron Is Pretty

(Quick, about the above picture - who decided to have him pose sideways holding onto that pole? Because after seeing his arms like that, I support them and all their future endeavors.) And he's funny! Zefron hosted SNL last Saturday and while I don't actually watch that show (I have considered Tivoing it but that's as far as I've gotten) I wish I'd seen this episode, because he apparently was amazing. I know this clip, a spoof of High School Musical 4, had me giggling.

I, too, was upset when no one sung at college. Until of course I met the girl who was to become my roommate, who will now sing with me in my apartment whenever I want. Anyway, Zac is also in/on the cover of GQ and he is looking, well, PRETTY.

Damn that Vanessa Hudgens skank for being his main bitch. I will gladly volunteer myself for the post. AND he was on The View the other day to promote his new movie, 17 Again, with Matthew Perry (probably my favorite Friend). I kind of sort of actually want to see this movie, maybe because I think it looks funny and maybe because I tend to love some really awful films. Whatever. Oh and there's a big to-do about how he turned down the new Footloose film, because he wants to do a movie where he isn't singing while dancing or playing basketball or working for equal rights (no one ever remembers that he was in Hairspray, but I'm here to remind you, folks). He's everywhere, and you know, with that face, I'm ok with it.

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  1. I also LOVED the "Bitch Please" bit on Weekend Update, I thought I would die laughing. He is pretty cute... it's true. -e

  2. He is gorgeous...straight up. Most people I know think he's a bit girly, and he is, a bit, but he's also super sexy. And he rocked my world in Hairspray...