Tuesday, April 7

Straight From Her MySpace

Lindasy Lohan and Samantha Ronson are officially over for now. However, the statement from Lindsay aired on E! News and not her Myspace page, where she has vehemently been dispelling rumors of break up after break up. She says they are taking a break so she can "focus on myself." I get it. You probably need to go to rehab again. It happens. NBD.

Amidst rumors of drugs and alcohol and restraining orders, Lohan was not permitted to enter a party the Ronsons were throwing for Charlotte, a Margot Tenenbaum clone, and Ronson's sister.

Don't worry, it was probably just a lot of standing around and looking bored. That's one celebrity family's party I would not want to be invited to. However, Reverend Run's family bar-b-q is a completely different story.

Lohan's Father, since he is also such a reliable source, issued a statement saying the relationship had "gotten very toxic" and that Lohan made a "healthy decision" in taking a break. Oh well. No more makeup sex for them. I just wish I had a nickle for every picture they are fighting in. I mean, if I had a girlfriend who never smiled and looked like she never slept, I would probably always be in a fight as well.

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