Tuesday, April 14

Lady GaGa has a serious Pokerface

Riddle me this gays. Is Lady GaGa a Big Gay Homo or not? Or is it just a publicity tease?

The following three reasons confirm her Lesbian Tendancies:

1. She makes out with a lady cop.

2. She has sexually ambiguous lyrics and has been quoted as saying:

"I love men, I love women and I love sex, but I’m actually pretty introverted right now because I’m so enveloped in my work, and it’s hard to let anybody near that. People f--- with your energy, and it’s very hard to find people that are supportive of your art and don’t want to take time away from it. A lot of times, boyfriends and girlfriends get jealous and want all your attention, and I really don’t have time for that." From HX Magazine, August 2008

And I googled her (not like that...) and came up with this article, where she says "I love a girl in her underwear." No, I did not take that out of context.

3. These photos are up. [Thanks to Chelsea for the tip!]This is just a taste of what the paparazzi caught her doing with this chick who is apparently named Lady Starlight. Who the fuck is that you ask? I dunno. But click here to see the rest...

My reasons why I think it’s just a tease:

1. Sex sells.

2. How many times does a club superstar ever actually have a succesfull second album? Get it while you can. Get it. While. You can.

3. The gays know how to dance, and if your videos appeal to that action you will have so many gay men with ultra low rise jeans and bleached hair waiting in line to buy your cd, you won’t be able to tell the difference from the smell of hairspray or the smell of plastic being ripped off of cd packages that are too tightly sealed to begin with. Shyeah. It’s that intense.

4. Sex sells motherfucker.

But for right now, I think the most important reason we even care about this issue is that that beat is SICK. Even though the issue of her sexuality only keeps her on perezhilton.com, her music keeps her in the club. Which is a fun place to be after 3 beers and a Long Island Iced Tea. Or two. So I vote she just keeps singing. And if she kisses a girl , let it be me.

And she performed at the Dinah. Along with Katy Perry. Really Club Skirts? Katy Perry? She’s fun and has a thing for fruit themed clothing, which is cool and all, but still. Katy “I ripped off Jill Sobule’s hit from the 90’s” Perry? Please…

Sidenote: I love her sunglasses.

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  1. I love your blog. Pretty fucking funny.