Tuesday, April 14

What in Photoshop Hell

Did they do to Eminem's eyes? So he's supposed to be some comic book character on the inside of the magazine - do they have to make him look like human anime (or as one of my exes says, "aminay", no matter how many times I remind him that it is short for "animation")? Somebody needs to get slapped over this because making someone typically sexy (don't you judge me) look like an alien with a crack problem is a crime against photos, straight women, and gay men, not to mention the poor aliens! I don't know what XXL magazine is (or I didn't before I googled it and found that link), but this is apparently a promo for his fifth album, Relapse, which comes out on May 19. Um, awesome. I'm now terrified into buying it because I believe that his laser eyes will GET ME if I don't. Great marketing scheme, if that's what they're going for. Thanks, XXL, I'll be checking the closets for those eyes before bedtime from now on. More pics from the promo below - click to enlarge if you're not scared already.

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