Tuesday, April 21

UPGRADE: A Gathering Storm



First off, I love Jane Lynch in this. But who doesn't love Jane Lynch to begin with. I think we all need a pocket Joyce Wischnia.

Second off, I'm a hard working student in Iowa whose family is threatened by the gays. My drinking time is being taken away by worrying about these same sex marriages. And I have a midterm... Gay Army RUINATION.

Side Note by Katie D.:
Being a curious cat, I typed in www.giantgayrepellentumbrella.com and guess what? It exists! Paid for by God and doctors, sponsored by - who else? - Fox News. Also, I could not love Lance Bass more.

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  1. YES I LOVE JOYCE WISCHNIA!!!!!! this is julia by the way

  2. HAHAHAHA oh my gosh that is amazing upgrade!!!! I like the stephen colbert one, too!