Monday, January 12

Oh Em Gee Twilight News

Well, I apparently was lie-telling earlier when I said that Taylor Lautner, Shark boy of my dreams, would not be appearing in New Moon! (Director) Chris Weitz posted something on (writer; I use the term loosely) Stephenie Meyer's site about how everybody involved in New Moon and their fug brother is thrilled to have him back, probably because it was already announced that he was gonna be replaced and they needed to back-pedal.

Good. I was annoyed that they would be so risky with the casting of the book's hottest and most important character (HE IS) and try to rush to find someone who looked more werewolfy but who wasn't as good an actor. Taylor made me like him with his, like, 4 lines in Twilight, and if he's that charismatic I'm sure he'll carry the bigger part, no problem.

Also, the guy they were supposed to be considering to take the role, Michael Copon, really pissed me off for a couple reasons. 1. He and Taylor don't particularly look alike, and that would annoy me 2. He did a really obnoxious interview with J-14 (which, by the way, I had no idea was still in publication. I think I bought one copy once, and I'm pretty sure NSync was on the cover) where he said, " I see so much in Jacob Black that I feel like wasn’t brought to the first film that if I had the opportunity, I would totally create an amazing character." This seems douchey to me because, like I said, Jacob in the first movie is only on screen for like 5 minutes, and Taylor did a good job with that anyway. What more was he supposed to bring? 3. He made fun of Taylor for being 140 pounds and 5'6". He's like 10 years younger than you, buddy, I HOPE you've got a couple pounds on him! And do you expect him to control his height? Fuck off. Ok, so I'm overprotective. Whatever. Jacob Black isn't supposed to be a douchebag, so the guy playing him shouldn't be either.

Anyway, they'll use movie magic to make Taylor seem bigger than he is, Taylor will win the hearts of women and gay men everywhere, and maybe they'll get the plot line correct, as it should be, and in the movie he'll sweep Bella off her feet and they'll end up together. I see no way this could not happen.

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