Wednesday, January 21

Working Already?

Christ, I think the day after the Inauguration was nappy- and possibly golf- time for Dubya. Apparently Obama is vampire-like and has no need for sleep - he's already gettin shit done. Last week couple of my friends who are more liberal than me (it's possible) were complaining about how much he'd gone back on his promises already. My opinion was, hey, let's wait til he gets in office to be disappointed by him, ok? Well turns out, this promise he's keeping. Obama's spoken out against the detention center at Guantanamo Bay for a long time, and he's using his new power to do something about it. He's circled a draft executive order that calls for a Gitmo shutdown within a year, and he's halting war crimes trials in the meantime. I know people don't like waiting and a year seems like a long time, but 1. It's a hell of a lot shorter than "indefinitely," which was the Bush plan, and 2. Shit takes time. They have to figure out where to put all these people, some of whom may in fact have committed crimes. According to the draft order, there are approximately 245 current detainees, some of whom have been held there as long as six years. That's a long-ass time to live without a speedy trial or the rights afforded to war criminals by the Geneva Convention. Here's to getting shit done! Now let's fix the economy/environment/human rights inequalities/educational system!

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