Saturday, January 24

Obsessive Much? The Ting Tings.

I cannot stop listening the The Ting Tings. Their catchy beats coupled with a slight hint of a British Accent makes them irresistible. When me and my friends are getting ready to go out we just put on “That’s Not My Name” and go to town. It’s kind of like Kate Nash’s voice with a little attitude of Garbage and if the Eurhythmics were happy. So all in all a good mix of the evolution of British pop music. And with lyrics like "Fed up with your indigestion./Swallow words one by one./Your folks got high a quarter to five./Don’t you feel your growing up undone." it actually has some substance to it and interesting phrasing. Coupled with catchy hooks The Tings Tings are a cocktail of hipster fabulosity.

I first heard about them when P!nk (who I'm convinced is a gay lady no matter what anyone says) was doing promo’s on MTV, where music has become a commercial break instead of the whole point of the channel. She fleetingly mentioned the The Ting Tings as what she listens to. So I decided to investigate. I made a good life choice listening to P!nk. Maybe I’ll start fight as well.

Too bad embedding their videos is disabled... so here are some links...

That's Not My Name.

Great DJ.

Shut Up And Let Me Go. <<< The video for this is really freaking cool. It has slow motion martial arts sequences. How can I say no?

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