Tuesday, January 13

Meredith Grey'd Better Hide the Wire Hangers

Hey there Grey's Anatomy fans, guess what? Faye Dunaway is coming to play! Hopefully as Joan Crawford's ghost in need of eyebrow transplants or something. (Actually, she's supposed to be playing a doctor. Bummer.) In case you didn't know because it was almost 30 years ago, Faye famously scared the crap out of hanger owners everywhere as Christina Crawford's abusive Hollywood mother in Mommie Dearest. This movie creeped me the fuck out because the kid who plays Christina looks just like one of my cousins, and it was very disturbing to see her beaten by someone with the face and temperament of Cruella Deville. Faye has also been in about a billion other movies, none of which I have seen. All I know is that I hope she wears that hat instead of a scrub cap.

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