Monday, January 19

WTF Happened To... iPODS!??!?!?!

So this might make some of my readers uncomfortable, but holy balls, what a discovery it is.

An Ohmibod is a vibrator you plug into your iPod and it works it’s magic to the speed of the BPMs of the track you are listening to. I know. I had that reaction as well. A music powered vibrator. So you can plug in and…umm… plug in. They are kind of expensive and there are different styles and shapes. There’s even a model that can plug into your Motorola RAZR so you can get off on the move.


I’m not sure how I feel about that, especially the logistics. Don’t even pretend that you have methods to reason with this madness. NO ONE can pull off acting normal with a fucking vibrator between your legs. NO ONE. But with taglines like “feel the music” and “a whole new way to plug and play” how can you say no?

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