Tuesday, January 6


I love bunnies. Except for when they bite me and I have to get a tetanus shot at the age of 8 when I couldn’t even say tetanus shot because I had a slight stutter issue.

But bunnies with a sense of humor? I don’t think it can get any better than that. A co-worker of mine showed me a fabulous website that I can’t stop visiting, especially while at work in between messing up the cash register and pretending to know which book is appropriate for a gifted fourth grader. (War and Peace, anyone, anyone?) Angry Alien Productions have a website full of movies condensed into 30 seconds told by bunnies. The Pulp Fiction short is pretty hilarious as well. They are shown on Starz, the infamous free weekend preview channel where they show all the good movies to get you to buy it and then as soon as the preview is over it shows the same Mad Max movie enough times to make me want to return to my own private Thunderdome.

Anyway, Bunnies. My favorite is still the Brokeback Mountain short. Unfortunately, I couldn't embed the video here, but please click HERE and you will be swiftly swept across the interwebs. I've watched it so many times, I wish I knew how to quit it.

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