Wednesday, January 7


I found this a while ago and was instantly interested because, of course, it's cute, but also because I'd like to have a large feline friend of my own. A tiger would be my preference because they're pretty and I always had a thing for Rajah in Aladdin, but this lion friend is good enough. Anyway, the reason I'd like a large feline friend is that when they're little, they're just like kitties, but when they get big you can ride them around and impress your friends! Not to mention terrify your enemies. I'd like to think that if I raised little Tyler the Tiger from infancy that in his grown up stage he would 1. not buck me off and 2. give me hugs if I released him to the jungle and then went to find him again. And maybe introduce me to his tiger wife (or husband if that's his thing)! (Talking about animals having spouses always makes me think of my environmental science teacher, who mocked us when we talked about our subjects of study being husband and wife. She seemed to think it was a little childish for us to assume that animals entered into matrimony. She also told me that we share 97% of our genes with bananas. While this may be true, let's just say she doesn't have quite the same whimsy with which I look at the world.) Anyway, watch Christian the lion and his human pals and have hope. Obama should play this at the inauguration. Oh and by the way PLEASE enjoy the soundtrack!

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  1. I still love this so much.
    Love, sister.