Tuesday, January 27

Aw! Public Displays of Gay Affection!

I love that gay couples are popping up on things like commercials and game shows! Commercials are supposed to tell us what's "normal" (which is why I get so annoyed that every ad for a cleaning product stars a woman. Hello, men wash dishes too.) and if we never see gay couples, it's kind of a subliminal "that's not ok." Game shows don't exactly tell us what's normal, but they are on during the day time, and lots of old people (like the ones who voted Yes on Prop 8 in California - blacks didn't kill gay marriage, old people did, don't believe the hype.) watch game shows. My point? It's becoming less taboo to be queer. Which means that marriage equality is coming, folks. Above is Wheel of Fortune with some engaged dudes, below is a Chemistry.com commercial catering to 1/10 of the world's population.

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1 comment:

  1. I love the sweater vests.

    I love how well spoken the chemistry.com gays are.