Friday, January 30

Fuck You McKay Hatch!

What the fuck kind of a name is that? And who the HELL do you think you are, McKay Fucking Hatch? Starting the damn “No cussing club.” This shitty video tells us all about this cunt of a kid who decided to start this club because of the fucking “bullies” at his school trying to get him to cuss. First, sometimes there just aren’t any god damned words strong enough to emphasize your fucking point besides curse words. I mean, holy fucking balls, how else am I supposed to articulate the massive amount of frustration I have with the world. Fucking prop H8, the damn economy, Jessica Simpson’s shitty weight gain, now this little shit of a kid says it’s better I don’t curse. God created four letter words for a fucking reason. If you are that fucking curious you can go to the fucking website to learn more. There’s even a damn book! And a rubber bracelet a-la Lance "I have one ball" Armstrong. What the FUCK?!?! Hulk Hogan even supports them. What the hell, brother? And they boast 20,000 members worldwide. I said GOD DAMN. (name that movie you fuckers. Name. That. Movie.) How did we let this happen?? let's send him some more damn pizza.

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  1. He's such an inspiration. I will take his virginity.

  2. Death threats? Perhaps he just doesn't understand the cursing vernacular. When we say go to hell, that is not a threat on his life (tool).

  3. I dunno Kate, this idea seems peachy to me. And golly, I just love those keen kids on his T-shirt! They look like they're having a real swell time!