Tuesday, January 20

Perfect Perfect Perfect

The Inauguration was pretty sweet, if a bit repetitive when it came to the balls. I'm just happy that the U.S. is being represented by someone with a brain and with a cute family (Kennedy-esque, not that I'm trying to jinx them) who can be a good role model to American citizens - and hey, other people too. Here's more pictures to remember it by.

Barack and Michelle decided to walk part of the way, much to the support of their... um... is fans the appropriate word? Constituents? Whatever, he's a rock star. Their fans.

GOODBYE. Stop waving and get in the freaking chopper.

Looking solemn and determined, our new representatives to the world... all of whom are fairly attractive, actually. I'll take it.

I love this picture because it's SO how kids are. They absolutely do not get wrapped up in events outside their personal scope about 98% of the time. "Ok Daddy, I'm bored and my legs hurt. Can we go in yet?"

Let me just note once and for all that both these ladies look faaaaabulous, and also that Michelle is an Amazon and Jill is a pocket person (in the best way possible, of course). Though the balls (at least the first one) were run like the MTV Music Awards at times (who the hell picked out the announcer? He honestly sounded like he was about to tell us to give it up for Paris Hilton, who would be announcing the award for Sexiest Extra in a Rap Video. And several people said "Yo yo" etc. and so on before speaking. Who started that? Why can't you just go into what you're saying without holla'in at your homies? Especially at an INAUGURATION?), let's face it, they were a lot more interesting than McCain's would've been. Who would've been his guests? Speidi and Billy Baldwin? Elisabeth Hasslebeck?

I know it's supposed to be a love song, but the tune Barack and Michelle kept dancing to makes me think of a different thing I've been wanting to come along: the end of an error, a fresh new beginning. Hope, even if it's misguided (it's better than nothing). Barack has finally taken Bush's place the White House. The rest of the world is looking to us with a bit of respect for the first time in 8 years. At last...

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