Saturday, January 17

I Hate Santana

I have for a while, but it's been bothering me more recently because he ruined my favorite Citizen Cope song. Here it is without his contribution:

and here it is after he defiled it:

I don't understand the appeal of the wailing guitar. I have friends who form bands, but they don't have lyricists, so it's just a group of them "jamming" without a real purpose. I mean, I'm sure they have talent or whatever, but personally, listening to them practice or play without a vocalist is somewhat akin to listening to the buzz of a TV with the volume off - just this humming noise that I try to ignore, but can't. I'm very much a lyrics/vocals sort of listener, so I guess I'm exactly the opposite of Santana's fan base. To sum up, Santana ruins songs.

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