Thursday, January 15

Kate Winslet Is Perfect

So I've been seeing a lot of previews for Revolutionary Road, aka Titanic II, and I'm pumped about it, though I probably won't see it in theaters because my friends and I never manage to see anything in theaters. But I will rent the hell out of that movie, because it stars Kate Winslet (not to mention Leo!). The woman is flawless - and she's British! Which makes everyone better. Every time I see that Lancome commercial (below) I idiotically stammer something like, "Wow, oh my God you guys wow, she's such a great actress, wow," even if I'm by myself when I see it. AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN SPEAK. She's THAT impressive. So here it is for you to marvel at and enjoy. Oh, and RR is out Friday, so for the people who do manage to make it to movies occasionally, go see it. It's supposed to be awesome, and really, how could it not be?

Update: I just saw Revolutionary Road, and though the acting was good (obviously) it was, as my friend described it, "the exact opposite of happy." But, it did make me happy as I was leaving, because no matter how upset I may get, hey - at least I'm not a miserable housewife in the 60's. What can I say, it would take an awful lot to make me a pessimist.

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