Thursday, January 21

Viral Video Vendsday.

So Massachusetts just elected some new senator that's a Republican. Now the Democrats don't have the SUPER majority. Still a majority, just not the super kind. I acknowledge all the hard work Ted Kennedy did during his time in senate. But just because the Democrats don't have the Super Majority doesn't mean healthcare still can't change. Do I want it to change? On principle, yes, nationalized healthcare is a good thing. But in reality, I can see why it is so difficult. But it doesn't help when idiots like this are allowed to voice their opinion. We only need free speech if your speech is the same is my speech, ya dig?

Also, let's talk about the new Republican senator Scott Brown's centerfold spread in Cosmo magazine in 1982. He apparently won the title of "America's Sexiest Man." Gross. But my point is, WHAT A HUGE FUCKING DOUBLE STANDARD. If this were a female coyly hiding her balls behind a limp wrist, people would be calling her a slut and shaming her name all over the media. But all Senator Brown gets are blushing cheeks and praise for how confident he is. This article on Jezebel really spells it out. (Thanks for the tip MM.)

Rachel Maddow also talks about the lack of women politicos in the state of Massachusetts and different stereotypes the supposedly "liberal" state defied this week.

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