Sunday, January 24

I'm Attracted, and That Makes Me Uncomfortable

So good Masculine Monday morning to everyone. The above picture is the reason for my being turned on and simultaneously creeped out. So I'm a big, big fan of Christopher Walken, because he is an incredible actor and, furthermore, he's fuckin nuts. I have not, however, ever had a crush on him because, well, it's Christopher Walken - he's, you know, a little on the creepy side. But then Joogly Bear pointed me to this really... (write it!) hot picture of him from DListed. We're basically in agreement: he was definitely very very attractive, but that also makes us very very uncomfortable because while he looks very different he also looks EXACTLY THE SAME.

And to show you why I am not attracted to him as he is now but why I still love him with all my heart, here he is doing a dramatic reading of Lady Gaga's "Pokerface."

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