Monday, January 11

It's Still Monday in California

My first Masculine Monday post is dedicated to my sister, and will double as my way-after-the-fact review of New Moon.

Our first M Squared is Taylor Lautner, who recently broke up with Taylor Swift and who (sources say) will in the next few years become my brother-in-law. Welcome to the family, Tay. And here are a few reasons why he's welcome to the family:
1. Arms

2. Smile

3. General boyish charm

4. Seriously, just look at him

5. No really, look at how he's holding that football

6. He knows Robert Pattinson and presumably can introduce me

7. Same for Kellan Lutz (also I find this picture oddly hot. But then I'm strange.)

I mean, does Taylor look a little cheesy in some of these pics? Yeah, sure. Am I doubting his taste in women after he dated Selena Gomez? Of course, but I still love Zefron even though he's dating the disgusting V Hudge. Is he the greatest actor? I'm honestly not sure, because there's a lot about the movies that can be blamed on bad writing, but I mean, sure, he's fine. I thought the SNL skit where he was a Team Edward fan was semi-amusing, and I was very impressed with his ninja moves where he decapitated Kanye in the intro/monologue thing. So really I guess my stance on his "skill" level is that we'll have to wait until he does real movies to see how the acting progresses.

And that's my seamless way of moving into talking about New Moon: it was exactly what I expected. My opinion is generally the same as it was for the first one - the protagonists are very nice to look at, the movie is better than the book because the book is poorly written, and I still like stories about vampires because they remind me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (three cheers for Joss Whedon). If you like fairly predictable stories with a couple interesting ideas, or particularly if you like hot guys running around shirtless, you should probably see this movie. Personally this isn't something I'd ever drag a guy to, but hey, I'm fucking nice.

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  1. please put one of those egotastic stars over tay's nipple in the wet tshirt one so it's not nsfw anymore. kthx

  2. He's a boy, therefore nipples don't count.

  3. I love reading your blog. I have no idea why I never comment. But of course, in catching up, I had to comment on this one. I am a Twilight lover *because* of its poor writing and cliches, and *because* it makes me think about being a teenager, and *because* it makes me think about Vampires, which makes me think about Buffy, which makes me think about Joss, which makes me think about Dr. Horrible, etc... you get the idea. Anyway, enjoyed it. :)

  4. Becky - for the record, 1. We love when people comment, so never hesitate, and 2. I love reading Twilight as well, but as an English major with all my pretentious English major friends (not that I don't love them. But they are) I have to make it clear that I REALIZE that the books are poorly written, but they're fun. Also, howgreatisBuffyohmyGod?

  5. on a day like today, when everything is hilarious to me and i'm reviewing every blog post we've ever written, this comment exchange made me laugh out loud for way too long. I think I might be drunk.